Hair Extensions


How are they applied?

Prebonded Fusion Extensions

Both a tiny section of your hair and an extension are joined together using a keratin based bond, this will not damage the hair in any way.

Micro Ring Extensions

A small amount of the clients hair is threaded through the silicone lined micro ring, which is then clamped flat over the bond and client hair, preventing sliding. No glue or heat is used in this method

How are they maintained?

I recommend regular maintenance visits from myself every 4-6 weeks, to re-apply any extensions that have become loose or fallen out and to trim the hair extensions if needed. It is perfectly normal to loose some extensions over the 3-4 month period.

How long do they last?

Balmain hair extensions last for 6 months, but it is  advisable to have the whole head removed, and refitted after 3-4 months. Removal is simple and does not damage the hair in any way, if performed by a qualified extensionist. Balmain hair lasts for 6 months, maybe even 12 months, so the good news is, I can re-apply a percentage of the original hair, therefore re-application will be lower than the initial fitting.
Brazilian Double Drawn hair last 6-9 months, again it is advisable to remove the hair and re-fit it after 3-4 months.  Damage will occur if any hair extensions are not removed after 4 months.Indian Remy hair lasts for 3-4 months, then the hair needs to be removed and new hair refitted.

How will I look after my newly fitted extensions?

It is essential that the correct extensions aftercare is used at ALL times, I do retail these products and will give a discount when purchased at time of fitting.  If the correct aftercare is not used then no guarantee will be given on the lifespan of the hair by myself or the manufacturer.  Everyday ‘off the shelf’ products have been known to wreck extensions in a matter of days. Any hair that deems to be faulty will be sent back to the manufacturer for analysis, they send the hair away to be tested, they will know if incorrect procedures have been followed.

An aftercare sheet will be given at every fitting, I will also go through aftercare thoroughly at fitting. 

If you feel you cannot adhere to these simple guidelines then maybe extensions are not for you.

Brazilian Permanent Blow Dry


Can I use any shampoo?

Yes with this particular brand you can use any shampoo and conditioner.

Can it be used on pregnant ladies?

I do not recommend this product to be used on pregnant or nursing mothers.

Can this treatment be carried out on damaged hair?

Yes, although the heat is lowered during the straightening process, which may affect longevity of the treatment.

Does it contain Formaldehyde?

Yes this product does contain a small amount of formaldehyde, but it is well within the UK legal requirements.

Does it grow out?

No the treatment gradually washes out, and can be reapplied.

How long after application can I wash it?

Straight away! In fact it must be washed on the same day.

How long before I can colour my hair?

The hair can be coloured on the same day, BEFORE the keratin is applied, otherwise it is best to wait 2 weeks afterwards as the treatment will form a barrier which, could prevent the colour from taking.

Will the Brazilian straighten curly hair?

No, it will not straighten curly hair.  It will relax and smooth wavy hair, but tight curls will need to be relaxed a week beforehand then the keratin treatment can be applied to leave the hair silky and smooth.

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